Taking over from Gong Li and Zhou Xun, Michelle Ye interprets Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan’s new play “Red Sorghum Family”

Taking over from Gong Li and Zhou Xun, Michelle Ye interprets Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan’s new play “Red Sorghum Family”

Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News reporter Chen Yuhao

“When I think of putting on a play on the stage of my hometown, I have an uncontrollable sense of anticipation.” Even through the phone, I could clearly feel the excitement in Michelle Ye’s tone.

From September 2 to 3, the original drama “Red Sorghum Family”, adapted from the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan, will be staged at the Hangzhou Canal Grand Theater. Coincidentally, it is the native Hangzhou native and famous actor Michelle Ye who plays the heroine Jiu’er in the play.

In early August, Michelle Michelle posted a photo of her knees red and swollen on Weibo, with the caption “A pair of claws at the end of the rehearsal (the knee pads are very thick).”

Some reporters followed the clues and found out that Michelle Ye was too serious and diligent in rehearsing the drama “Red Sorghum Family”. When talking about this, Ye Xuan jokingly said, “I’m too devoted and too hard.”

There is a paragraph in the play, which is also the most tense monologue after Jiu’er was shot. He threw himself to the ground, knelt down, and then climbed forward. Maybe it was because she was too invested. In this “near-death” state, Michelle Ye also forgot her physical pain, “After lining up two or three times, when I went to the gym later, the person next to me reminded me that my knee was torn…”

Different from film and television works, stage plays cannot have N machines. “Whether a line, an action, and whether the tension can stand up is directly related to the audience’s emotions.” Another time, she and Wang Ye, the actor who played Yu Zhanao, performed the most classic “wild play”.

And this is precisely the biggest charm of live performances. Some netizens compared Michelle Ye’s version of Jiu’er with the previous ones played by Gong Li and Zhou Xun in film and television dramas, “Gong Huang’s is relatively pure, Zhou Xun’s is a little less fortitude, and Ye Xuan’s is more Wild enough and charming enough.”

This is also in line with Michelle Ye’s own character setting for Jiu’er, “The drama version of Jiu’er has gone through too many twists and turns about love and marriage, the ups and downs of the character’s destiny, and that kind of heroic and pungent feeling will indeed be stronger.”

Meng Lijun, a talented girl in “Rebirth”, Li Shengnan, who is both righteous and evil in “Yunhai Jade Bow Fate”, Shangguan Haitang in white and jade in “No. 1 in the World”, the infatuated female killer in “Accident”, “Eavesdropping 3” The vengeful woman Lu Yongyu in “… To the audience, they are all Michelle Ye, but Michelle Ye is not only them.

Standing on the stage of the drama this time is a new attempt, and it also stems from Michelle Ye’s deep love for literature. Anyone who follows Michelle Yeh knows that in 2020, she worked as an anchor with goods for several months, and one of the highest-selling categories in the live broadcast room is books.

Michelle Ye said, from “Red Sorghum” to “Big Breasts and Buttocks” to “Mangrove”, she has been watching Mo Yan’s works since she was studying, “I have performed almost all commercial themes since my career, and now there are Given the opportunity to perform such a stage play that can remain in the history of literature, I will definitely not miss this opportunity.”

In order to integrate more quickly, during the rehearsal, Michelle Ye specially moved from the five-star hotel arranged by the crew to the hotel of the young actors to live with. Everyone ate in the cafeteria, worked out together, and had supper together, “It really matches the title of the play. Like a ‘big family’.”

Since the premiere, Michelle Ye has also had a nickname in the group, called “Jiu’er Ben Jiu”, because both the director and other actors feel that she and Jiu’er are too similar in character.

“There are many previous literary works, and the female characters in them, regardless of their values ​​or style, are outdated today. But Jiu’er’s spirit of living for himself and making decisions for himself is very similar to today’s Professional women, so this is also where Teacher Mo Yan portrays the characters the most.”

Ye Xuan said that recently, she has been sending WeChat messages to her relatives and friends in Hangzhou one after another, inviting them to watch “Red Sorghum Family” live, “I hope that through this performance, the audience can feel that Mo Yan’s works have given us to us. The inspiration brought by life can also be like Jiu’er, to live the way you want.”